How to use a Catnip infused Direct Mailer

You may be wondering how a Catnip infused Direct Mailer works after seeing the reddit post. Getting to consumers through their pets isn’t a new concept – but it is still a smart one!


So what actually happened to the cats?

Direct mail ads were printed on the catnip-infused paper and slipped through door slots… and the cats came calling right away. The kitties are completely bliss out while licking, chewing, and rubbing their faces through your junk mail.

According to this post on The American Genius, A cat litter warehouse, looking to draw attention as they launch, chose a direct mail campaign. But they needed a way to ensure their advertising did not wind up in the trash, so they decided to use scent. They infused their postcards with catnip and kitties went crazy for it; see their reactions here. As soon as the mail arrived in their human’s mailboxes, the cats were pounced, immediately drawn to the scent. And when the cats like something, the owners take notice, which insured the ad, for the most part, was noticed and not discarded.

The direct-mail piece was for a bulk cat litter warehouse, but really this would work for just about anything. Toss that flyer for the local clothing store in the recycle bin. Then an hour later you’ll find it on your kitchen floor again, thanks to your feline friends. But heaven help you if you try to take it away…

Isn’t this an obvious marketing technique?

In retrospect, it seems obvious. To get cats to pay attention to your direct mail, just soak the damn fliers in catnip. Then watch the kitties lose their minds when the mail arrives.

That’s what Vancouver agency Rethink did recently for a cat litter client. As seen in the video below, the engagement with the marketing is undeniable—and pretty cute to watch also.

Owners have been targeted through their pets’ olfactory senses before, of course, though in somewhat grosser ways—like the old Animal Planet ads that smelled like urine, placed at the foot of lampposts in the U.K.


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